New Trailer | RAN: Lost Islands brings Melee Battle Royale action to Steam Game Festival

Rapiers and Katanas Clash for Glory and Gold in this Upcoming Medieval Battle Royale

Jolly Roger Game Studio announced it will participate in The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, where all players are granted access to their upcoming melee battle royale title, RAN: Lost Islands, for FREE. This free play test will start on June 16 and last through June 22.

RAN: Lost Islands is an online melee battle royale that thrusts 100 outcasts onto a cursed island, where they must wield medieval melee and ranged weapons, ride horses and wind-powered gliders to explore the treacherous landscapes, and search for clues to Legendary Treasures.

Fast reflexes, lethal combo attacks, and cunning strategy will be needed to defeat all opposing players. To establish your wealth, locate and unearth a great mythical treasure while avoiding certain death by the game ending tsunami.

The RAN: Lost Islands free play test will start on June 16 at 10:00AM PDT and end on June 22 at 10:00 AM PDT. Sign up at to get access to the RAN: Lost Islands and to future Beta tests.

Survey the battle in the sky by using gliders in RAN: Lost Islands.

RAN: Lost Islands is an online multiplayer combat game set in the 16th Century era of melee weapons and early flintlock firearms. Discover weapon and armor sets to become one of nine warrior classes including samurai, ninja, cavalry, and spearman as you fight in the age of steel and gunpowder. Use boats, horses, gliders, and grappling hooks to traverse the landscape while overcoming ruthless enemies, rogue tornadoes, mini-boss monsters, and a violent tsunami. Locate the Legendary Treasures, fight to be the final survivor, and use items you’ve scavenged to upgrade gear and equipment in the next battle.

Sign up to join the upcoming RAN: Lost Islands Beta test on June 16 at www.playlostislands.comRAN: Lost Islands is coming to Steam Early Access in 2020 and is available to wishlist now. A PlayStation 4 version is currently in development. For more information on upcoming game updates, follow us on Twitter @PlayLostIslands, “Like” us on the Facebook page, join the Official RAN: Lost Islands Discord server, and visit