The upcoming “My Time” game, My Time at Sandrock’s demo will be available to download for free during Steam Next Fest.


The first “My Time” game, My Time at Portia has entertained more than a million players worldwide. Its indie developer, Pathea Games has gained much valuable experience and insight over the years. And now, they are inspired and motivated to make the sequel, with the intent of creating a better sandbox simulation RPG and improve the overall gaming experience.
The My Time universe is set in a post-apocalyptic world following a devastating war where men abused advance technology to rain hell on each other and the planet. The war wiped out most of the human population and forced those who survived to live underground. After hundreds of years of darkness, humans eventually managed to restart civilization above ground. It’s a long a story! In Sandrock, players will travel to and discover a town located in a desert oasis and have the chance to decide on its future.
This demo serves as an introduction to the Sandrock story. Players will have the chance to take a glimpse into the new world allowing them to meet new faces and uncover new resources.
“As a sequel to My Time at Portia, we, developers at Pathea Games are eager to upgrade every aspect significantly so that we can deliver a more enjoyable experience to the community. We aim to design more unique characters, stunning environments and inspiring stories for the “My Time” universe. This demo will serve as an introduction to the Sandrock story. Players will have the chance to take a glimpse into this new world allowing them to meet new faces, uncover new resources, and start a new life as a Builder. We hope your experience of the demo can provide us with invaluable feedback, helping us improve and create something great.” -Yanwei, the producer of My Time at Sandrock.
My Time at Sandrock will be available on PC via Steam Early Access later this year. And then will be heading to WeGame, Epic Games, GOG and other PC platforms. It will also be arriving on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and next-gen consoles in 2022.
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