Do you remember ever playing Dance Dance Revolution? Even though I may not be as young and fast I used to be there is a game that I came across some time ago that the music just throws me to the past. Musa Dash is a music rhythm type of game. You can play with keyboard or controller. I have been addicted since the day I have gotten it and play it often in my spare time.  

The game starts you off with a base character and simple control tutorial. When you start a game, it puts you in an anime 2D side scroller and as the music starts you have to hit certain buttons or triggers to defeat the upcoming enemy that will create the beat. Just like most rhythm games if you miss the action you will be graded on how you did. 


The level design is endless. They have a total of 41 base songs and over 16 DLC packs for more additional content. With just the base games alone you will be hooked. You can even challenge your friends because it does keep track of world and region scores. I really appreciate that in order to unlock the next track you have to do a playthrough at least once. I felt so accomplished when I finally unlocked everything that I could without purchasing any extra content. 

The soundtracks for the game are what makes this so addicting. I have not found a song that I did not like. LITERALLY every song in my onionin is a winner. You have soft pace tracks and some that extremely fast. Of course, the level is based around the tone of the track so if you have a fast beat track than the gameplay will get faster and tougher depending on what level of difficulty you have set it to.  

I feel that this game has been severely underrated and needs to be shared with everyone who loves anime or who just likes a challenge. The game released last year in June and has a very impressive rating on steam but I feel it deserves a lot more. Me and a couple friends challenge each other from time to time. The countless hours I have spent on this game is well worth my time and I know it will be worth yours.  



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