The Dark Eye RPG anticipated Adventure!

The Dark Eye RPG anticipated Adventure and what awaits

Something being planned and to look forward to is The DTS Gaming Crew and their upcoming adventure in the RPG Game The Dark Eye Published by Fantasy Productions & Schmidt Spiele. We will be starting a campaign soon and talking about our adventures on our podcast, and even streaming some of them. Here are a few things to know about the adventurous world of Aventuria that pulled us in and has us eager and ready to play!

  • Professions: in The Dark Eye you’re given many professions to choose from and some even allow variants such as the spy & performer!
  • Skill Rolls: skill rolls in Aventuria require 3 D20’s to be rolled being connected to the attribute for the action being done
  • Beautifully Detailed: The books are filled with pages and pages of lore, culture, & gods of the world of Aventuria and the art they have in the pages and on the covers displaying this world is superb
  • The Magic: yes there’s magic because clerics and healers are always wanted in a party! and in this RPG we have; elven magic, arcane magic, and the divine Maricle
  • Bestiary: ever heard of an Irrhalk? it’s described as a four horn demon and that’s just one of the many beasts in Aventuria

It’s Core Rule Book is available on DriveThruRPG,& Amazon if you would like to try it out as well!

Finally, I hope everyone tunes into the podcast when we start doing follow-ups on the adventures we have in Aventuria and our experience with The Dark Eye RPG. To know when we will be starting our playthrough, follow us on our social media’s @dts_gmaingcrew and tune into the podcast to hear our weekly gaming news topics, discussions, & rants. As always play forever & game together!