Blackwind PS4 Game Review

Blackwind is a top-down hack n slash mixed with shooter game. You are in an experimental mech and must fight your way in a nonstop action game. A fast-paced game is full of enemies coming at you from everywhere.

The gameplay is fast and fun nonstop action mixed with some puzzle solving. Controls are straightforward and easy to learn. There are special finishing moves to kill your enemies with. A build system to build your mech up and skins and a ton of achievements to earn.

I give this one an 8 out of 10 a super fun game to play really enjoyed it. The story is a good one and the fast-paced make for a fun time in slaying the enemies. No real downside in my book a few glitches but nothing major. The game does give you a co-op mode to add a player 2. Out now on all major platforms.