Lost Falls Issue 1 Review

Lost Falls is a story of mystery and horror which envelopes the town of its namesake Lost Falls. I was able to sit down to read issue 1 and I have to say, from beginning to end, this issue is fantastic! I was hooked hard after the few first pages and continued reading until that ending! I did a quick review below but I have to say, be sure to get this issue as the story’s intriguing and there is more meets the eye in this town!

In issue 1, we learn about the main character of the story named Daniel Pynchon. He wakes up in a town with no recollection of getting there. While he is trying to figure out things, we start to learn more about the town named Lost Falls. A few of the towns people are making quips of how people are showing up there weekly and with no recollections. Then, we see the captain of the football team buy some drugs that doesn’t seem from this world. We then see a glimpse of a man covered in blue rise from the river near the city which sparks my imagination.

Throughout the issue, we are introduced to a lot of backstory of many of the characters which I enjoy. The last page was a shocker which gave way to maybe why Daniel Pynchon is in that town. Fantastic read, good art and can’t wait for issue 2!

Rating: 9 out of 10

Get Issue 1 here: https://www.comixology.com/Lost-Falls-comiXology-Originals-1/digital-comic/929561