The Djinn Film Review

The Djinn is a film by David Charbonier and Justin Powell. A story of a young boy Dylan (Ezra Dewey) who finds a book but not any kind of book filled with black magic spells and more. Dylan reads the book finding one that grants the caster their heart desire.

So he reads and prepares for the ritual that night but is unaware of what he is about to do. He brings forth The Djinn and the wishes he grants come with a dire price tag. Dylan sets in motion this he does not understand and will pay for them with blood.

Overall I really got in to this one the story was well written and you come to feel for Dylan. So young and his back story will make anyone try what he did. I give this one a 7.5 overall great story and hooked me in. The one location set did get a bit old but the cinematography makes it look so different thought out the film. Be sure to check this one out and see the price paid for a wish.