Tales of Arise Demo Xbox Series S Review

I have to say that Tales of Arise is a very different game than what I’m accustomed to play on my Xbox Series S! I saw this game featured as a demo I believe at PAX West and decided to download to my Xbox Series S.

I then took the plunge to play the demo and I had thoughts of maybe playing for 30 to 45 minutes while I streamed on Twitch. I ended up playing the demo for nearly 2 hours and completing it was well. I had so much fun playing this game and will be pre ordering it as well. I highly recommend getting a chance to play the demo! I did a quick review below but it doesn’t do justice of what I experienced.

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • You start out as Alphen and accompanied by Shionne as you travel around the country side to liberate Dahna. The villages have been terrorized by swarms of beasts that wreck havoc. You and your team then fight battles to not only destroy these beasts but also find precious minerals to use for crafting or trading.
  • Teamwork
    • In the matches against those beasts, you rely on your team to heal you, help you and kill those beasts. I didn’t realize how much fun this was to just attack those beats with your team. I figured out that you can also upgrade your teams items throughout the game and that helped to make things easier in those attacks.
  • Cooking
    • I enjoyed looking and trading for different type of foods for the team. I like how we are able to cook and camp at that location where you can regain your strength as well as watch additional scenes from the team.


  • Tough Monsters
    • I have to admit the monsters can be tough. I had to dodge a lot and at one time, keep on trying to defeat that huge praying mantis type monster. I did get frustrated but it took time though.

Rating: 9 out of 10

PreOrder and Download Demo of Tales of Arise here: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/tales-of-arise