Go green and stick it to the man in cannabis RTS Blaze Revolutions

Go green and stick it to the man in cannabis RTS Blaze Revolutions

Grassroots campaign blooms on Steam Early Access this Spring

Amsterdam, Netherlands – February 20th, 2020 – Little Chicken Game Company and Kanolio Ventures Ltd, in association with Hiventure Media, today announced they will be releasing their cannabis empire building game Blaze Revolutions on Steam Early Access this Spring.

Developed by Little Chicken Game Company, Blaze Revolutions is an RTS set in a dystopian future, where the totalitarian SomaCorp surveys all, pollutes the environment and rules through misinformation campaigns. It’s up to you to cultivate your product, hack drones, evade SomaCorp surveillance and manage your resources as you turn this grassroots movement into an eco-friendly empire!

Aside from being an RTS with stealth and economic management mechanics, Blaze is a thriller with a deep narrative and strong character development about the effects big business and government corruption have on our planet. Our environment is suffering pollution, small businesses are going under as big corporations grow increasingly stronger, and governments are tightening their chokehold on the common man. The revolution is industrial, as well as social: Blaze Revolutions envisions a future where society rises up and creates idyllic enterprises using the natural resource of cannabis!

Blaze Revolutions is more than a fun RTS, it’s a topical look at where society is heading if we don’t do something about it,” said Little Chicken Game Company Lead Developer, Erik Kors. “We realize that cannabis isn’t legal in all parts of the world, as it is here in Amsterdam, but we’d urge people to look past the green leaf. Cannabis is just a symbol of resistance: organic, medicinal, useful for crafting, and hopeful. We hope you’ll embark on this journey with us. Viva la revolucion!”

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About Little Chicken Game Company 
Little Chicken is an Amsterdam (Holland) based game company, specialised in the development of digital entertainment. Since its inception in 2001, Little Chicken has made the forest fire dousing airplane adventure Rescue Wings, the VR DJ-ing sim Track Lab, and the physics-based racer Rekt! It is currently working on the cannabis empire building RTS Blaze Revolutions, coming to Steam in 2020.