MageQuit Spring Circuit with Indy Gaming League!

Hi there.

Your friends at Bowlcut Studios have some news.


1.  Indy Gaming League.

Bowlcut Studios is sponsoring the 2020 Spring Circuit of Indy Gaming League. It’s an organized weekly intramural season for preset teams to compete in MageQuit, 3v3. Champions of the season will receive the sunglasses below! right now for more info.

2.  Et tu, Brute?

Our next official 3s tournament will be on the Ides of March (the 15th for the less historically inclined). Sign up in game or with the command +signup in our Discord!


3.  Big Patch.

If you didn’t already see, we released (and re-released) a big rebalancing patch that you can read more about here:


4.  PAX East!

Feb 27th – Mar 1st!  Booth 24077.  A bunch of us are getting together Friday Feb 28th at 7:30pm for a community dinner at Zuma Boston. YOU ARE INVITED — just let us know if you plan on coming for reservation purposes!


Join our Discord Server if you’d like to keep up with our latest announcements or join our community nights!

Or don’t. I’m not your real dad.