Fission Superstar X Xbox One Review

I always wanted to pilot my own space ship and travel in space! I have this opportunity now in the new game Fission Superstar X by Turbo Pelvis 3000! I was excited to try this game out and experience not only flight but also some cool new things in this game.

It took me a while to learn the controls of the game. I was wanting to just fly the ship and shoot and destroy the other ships. I was dead wrong about that and experienced many loses lol. I then learned the controls as it is always posted on the screen before the game starts. I was able to learn and master holding the aim down for the guns can be shot to the other ships. I was quite good with it for a while but I also forgot to give more health to my pilots. They were able survive the game but next game, I was able to remember to update their health when I got the chance.

Be sure to upgrade your weapons, skills and pilots so not only you can fly better but it will be easier to kill the ships. I was able to get to one of the bosses but he destroyed me real quick. This is a fun and addictive game!


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