Origamiac The Complete Series Comic Book Review

How do you know if your a superhero? How do you know if who you are inside and out, is worthy to be a hero? Even as piece of paper?! Origamiac is a fun look into what it is to be a super hero even when you think your just a piece of paper and not important. The story starts off with an average guy named Orson Thitchafer who is looking for a girl named Hannah in a protest. He made it to a wrong protest and ended up on a log in the river. Once on the river, someone illegally dumps some liquid on him before he gets chopped up in the wood chipper. He then ends up as a piece of paper that can shift into different forms like a transformer. He then tries to get back turned to human as he goes to an evil factory named MALefactory to see the person who created the liquid. There his world is turned upside down and leads him into a new world of one day becoming a hero!

I enjoyed this comic book series hard as the story is wild no joke but when you really look into it, you find ordinary people who feel like they have special powers but in their own way. I enjoyed the writing in this comic book series as it provided humor and intelligent situations where you are wondering if they are predicting some things you see on the news today.

Here is the review:


  • Artwork
    • I enjoyed the artwork in the comic book series! Though basic form, it still conveyed what the story was about and continued the development of characters. This reminds me of comic strips in the news paper where your not there to read a Disney story but your there to get enjoyment. The artwork gave me that enjoyment as it gave the story more depth.
  • Character Development
    • My favorite character in this comic series is Pickle! He is just so high and funny but the author gave him a character that even though he is high all the time, he is someone in the story. You read books and comics where smaller characters don’t have much story behind them but in Origamiac, you have good character development for all characters in the story.
  • Funny
    • This comic book series is funny with so much subtitle situations and sarcastic notions. I like to chuckle at things where I know many won’t get the joke, but it is still relevant in the story. I think this comic book series didn’t take it self serious yet produces funny situations that mimic things you see on the news today.


  • Need more
    • I know I’m being selfish here but not really a con in this situation. I would like to see a Vol 2 edition of Origamiac comic book series and see where it goes next. Will there be another evil doer? Will Pickles win the lottery? I want to see what happens next!

Rating: 9 out of 10

Orsen or Orry takes a long road to be come a hero. He wanted others to be a hero because he saw traits in them that are good which could change the world. In the end, he helps save everyone from Dr. Seethesome evil plans and becomes the hero! I enjoyed this series as it was funny, sarcastic, yet provided a story that you can get behind. The artwork is good, character development is fantastic and is just funny. You laugh when you reading this story and enjoy it from that perspective. I can’t wait for Vol 2 and hope the author knows we are wanting more of Orry and his adventures.

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