Having Fun With Rogue Heist

Rogue Heist is a competitive action game that pits two crews of six players against each other in an all-out war for high-value packages stolen from an ambushed convoy. The objective? Do whatever it takes to be the first team to secure three packages.

Due out later this summer Rogue Heist is developed by independent game developer Lifelike Studios out of Mumbai. As members of one of four rival factions, you’re hired by anonymous billionaires through the dark web in Heist Mode –  frenetic 6v6 combat pitting crews of criminals against each other to steal advanced technology from the government. This mode isn’t just about putting lead down range killing everything in sight.. It takes time for your character to hack into the convoy and be able to collect a package.

Players must strategize amongst their team or be prepared to lose. Do you prefer to attack? Are you better on defense? Do you want to support your hacker while they unlock the package? These are the questions that you will have to answer to successfully dominate your opponents, capture 3 packages, and return them to the team vehicle, and that team will be crowned king of the heist. But don’t get too excited if you pick up a package. Some of them have a tendency to explode…

While Heist Mode is the game’s namesake, it’s not the only game mode that Rogue Heist has to offer. There are also Run ‘n Gun, and Gang War with Campaign and Co-op versus AI planned for the near future. Don’t want to deal with hacking trucks and protecting teammates? Run ‘n Gun is more your style. This 10 player free for all will drop you into a map where you have to depend on your wits and trigger finger to earn the victory. Want to shoot people, still be on a team, but not worry about capturing things? Gang War is more of your style. This mode scales between 12-16 players split between two teams pitted against each other in a race to 75 kills. Whichever team gets the kills on the table first, or has the most kills at the end of 10 minutes, wins.

With four distinct classes, you can vary your gameplay. Like shooting hot lead into people up close and personal? Look no further than the assault. If you prefer to stay on the fringe of relative safety and shoot your victims from afar, then the sniper is the class for you. Wana be the guy who steals for your team, be the Hacker! Or are you Mr. dependable in your team? Support is the way to go.

There are currently four factions with more planned for the future. Do you fancy yourself as a fashionably dressed Suit or more of a street smart Hipster? Suits are stealthy and intelligent while the Hipsters are fashionable and aggressive. If black is the primary color in your wardrobe, you might be more comfortable as a member of the Deathlords or the iron-wielding Hammers. The Deathlords are reckless and ruthless killers while the Hammers ex-armed forces and trained killers. You can also customize your look with different skins for your character regardless of faction and weapons as well as add custom emotes and dances.

Players will be rewarded for their efforts in each match and awarded experience points based upon their heist ratings and their individual performance. They can also gain recognition on global leader boards and participate in ongoing and seasonal events that hosted by the team at Lifelike Studios.

Look for Rogue Heist to launch later this summer on PC. In the meantime, make sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube, you can even chat with the developers directly on Discord. And get all the latest information by Wishlisting Rogue Heist on Steam!