Everreach: Project Eden Review

Elder Games with Headup lates Rpg Everreach: Project Eden. It is stunning Rpg Following the tale of off-world exploration as will building a new place to inhabit. A full team was sent out to build and set up the colony for the settlers. All does not go as plan with no contact for the team a new team is sent to investigate. Only to be met with hostels Nora Hardwood is the main character we play as. Diving into what went wrong and trying to help against the uprising. A fast pace Rpg full of missions and puzzles set in a stunning world. Nora must choose how she interacts with the people she meets and her own surviving team member. I found the game very engaging to play and love the open-world feel. The game has an upgrade system to set up Nora how each play sees fit. Give up the chance to upgrade and talent build her to your playing strengths. Everreach: Project Eden is out now on Xbox as well as Steam.