You are currently viewing ENTITY new indie-pop single ‘How Did You Get In My Bed’ is out now!

ENTITY new indie-pop single ‘How Did You Get In My Bed’ is out now!

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Soft and sensual, ENTITY, aka Natalie Diaz, is shifting between satisfaction and second thoughts on her new single ‘How Did You Get In My Bed’.

An ode to the familiar feeling of waking up somewhere you wish you hadn’t, the New York native explores the fickle complexities of reuniting with an ex whose emotions are still prevalent. Using punchy synths and commanding percussion, the indie pop track emulates the confusion that she is feeling with ease, with the dreamy melody perfectly aligning with the heartfelt lyrics about her first love and how it was a moment of realisation for her personally. Knowing she has fallen for another woman, this was Natalie’s breakthrough, finding out about her sexual orientation and that she can love both men and women.

The accompanying video is soaked in shades of pink, with ENTITY and her lover entwined in passion, and the slight fading regret clear on each other’s faces. Elaborating further on the inspiration behind the single, she explains “How Did You Get Into My Bed is a true story based on an experience where two worlds collide after being separated for years. It showcases a relationship that was once so beautiful, but has turned toxic. How Did You Get Into My Bed resembles the aftermath of a drunken night where an ex-lover finds themselves back in the arms of a person who fell so deeply in love and never really knew how to let go”.

How Did You Get Into My Bed from Grace Sims on Vimeo.

A singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ, ENTITY delved into music from an early age and never looked back. She is a pillar within her community, thriving off deep connections at her shows, and aiming to create a safe space where people feel free to express themselves. Currently attending ICON Collective in Los Angeles where she continues to hone her skills, ENTITY is constantly perfecting her artistry.

With ‘How Did You Get In My Bed’ a unique stamp on the scene, ENTITY is destined for big things this year.

Photo Credit: Alexx Duvall


Photo Credit: Alexx Duvall



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