DUPLIC8 Unveils “Fade Away” To The Masses

Duplic8 has unveiled his new track titled Fade Away to the masses! A very smooth R&B feel is shown throughout this song as Duplic8 takes the pen from your hands. Using that pen, he writes his words on a piece of paper that will be used throughout the song. You will get the meaning of Fade Away from listening to his words, understanding his words and of course reading them in you mind.

The beat to this song is very chill yet at different moments throughout the song, it gives you that hype value. Press play before it Fades Away.

Listen here:

Press release:

DUPLIC8 is the product of months spent in isolation creating an alternative take on the emerging Toronto sound. Capturing inflections of R&B, pop, and trap, DUPLIC8’s music is merged with additional uncanny ideas and echoing feels to make something different from today’s standards in music that moves you.


“FADE AWAY,” the first single from DUPLIC8’s forthcoming debut body of work, describes the changes in mindset one needs to implement to maneuver through changes in circumstance.