Cups Up! JULIA POWELL new track ‘SUGAR’ is live!

Mesmerizing light shows, punchy dark pop music and sultry vocals live together harmoniously in the world of Julia Powell. The Floridian singer, songwriter, and producer began her solo journey in the early weeks of 2021 with the release of her full-length debut album; Blueprints. Now Julia Powell returns in time for summer with her suave new release ‘Sugar’. Set for release on June 18th, this spicy alternative pop track is a sweetly delicious blend of haunting synths and smooth jazz-inflicted vocals. Julia Powell shows off her independent and DIY approach on the track, having written, recorded and produced everything herself. The loungey-feel to ‘Sugar’ is reminiscent of soulful artists such as Amy Winehouse and Fiona Apple.


Julia Powell on the meaning behind the track:
“Sugar is about being OVER IT. Being done with other people’s expectations and demands and just doing whatever YOU want to do. I got the idea for the song because I liked the word sugar, and thought it would make a cool song title.”


For Julia Powell, music being a part of her life is non-negotiable. Having known from a young age that music is what she wanted to do, Julia has a natural knack for creating music, finding inspiration for songwriting in even the most mundane events of her daily routine. The concept for the song ‘Sugar’ came when the item was listed on her shopping list, the word jumped out at her as a good title for a song and the rest just fell into place.
Outside of music Powell’s passions lie in political activism, from staunchly supporting Bernie Sanders to movements such as BLM and LGBTQ+ rights, fueling her desire to make empowering music that is accessible to all.


Powell has been making herself known in venues and blogs across the Florida music scene. Her fans describe her as nothing they’ve seen before. With a totally inventive live performance and music that laughs in the face of genre boundaries, the status quo, and the patriarchy, Julia Powell is blazing her own trail.


‘Sugar’ is slated for release on June 18th