Sam The Astronaut shares High For You From ‘Midnight Carlight LP’

Sam The Astronaut showcases his new singled titled High For You from the Midnight Carlight LP! Sam The Astronaut’s voice and beat from the song gives you the strength to jump and down mimicking the beat. The song is different and you can feel the different synths used as well. You are given a head start on what Midnight Carlight will showcase in that LP.

So press play and start to jump and down in unison with the beat of the song!

Listen here:

Press release:

Midnight Carlight is a discipline of love. While Sam the Astronaut explored (and you will hear) many decades of inspiration on this record, the foundation is very much in the ’80s. In production, the pair sprinted down every hallway they could. In song, they only recorded what they thought was lightning in a bottle.