Double Kick Heroes Xbox One Review

The band Double Kick Heroes are about to play a kick ass gig for their fans, but something is wrong. Their fans are no longer the headbanging people that attend metal shows, but are ZOMBIES! The band gets in their car and hightails it out of there. There is one more thing….they are nearly out of gas!

So the band jams in the car while looking for a place to get gas, while being chased of course by their adoring zombie fans. You play along with the band hitting notes with your controller which allows you to shoot and kill those zombies.

I think this is wonderful! As a huge metal head and music fan, this reminds me of guitar hero but instead of impressing the fans, you have to kill your fans! The zombies are out to get you and you gotta jam and kill them. I think this is fun yet compelling game. You have to make sure to hit the notes correctly to get that kill. I played the first 3 levels and enjoyed killing these zombies while headbanging. Watch out when you head bang, you may lose concentration and those zombies do try and sneak up on you.

So what did we really think of it? Should you get it?


-The MUSIC! Whoever wrote the music such as the bands and the musicians involved, should get a standing ovation. The musicians showcased all aspects of Rock and Metal genres in the game. This made the game more inclusive in the metal community as it felt so many welcoming.

-The art and game design! The game reminds me of a comic book sans the words but more with metal music, zombies, and of course the band themselves! The art throughout the game was simple, not too glamorous, but gave Double Kick Heroes its personality. The aspect of a comic book fee was there and I feel they were going for that.

-Comic Books and Metal Music = Happy People!

-The cast of characters! Throughout the game, I was able to recognize some of metal’s most distinguished figures in different parts of the game. Those characters gave good advice to the band as well as brought a continuity factor to the game.


-I did experience a few glitches while playing the game on the Xbox One. This was towards the ending where some of the letters weren’t showing while in the safe room. I had to get back in and out in order to read from the conversations. This wasn’t a big deal since the game is not out yet for Xbox One but it was just a small inconvenience.

-I did not like that I wasn’t able to watch myself killing the zombies, because my main concern was to hit the correct notes for my weapons. There were times where I would just watch the band shoot the zombies and then I would miss out on a few notes. This caused my weapons to be changed since there was missed note hits. A replay screen of maybe some of the coolest kills would be awesome!


Double Kick Heroes is a fun game to play or even watch while somebody plays it. The story of the game, which basically reminds me of a good zombie movie, is fun!  The characters throughout the game is pretty sweet as well. The one I really digged was Metalchete who looks just like Danny Trejo, of Machete fame.

Get the Game

Now crack open a cold one, wear your favorite metal shirt and play this game!


Game Rating: 8.5/10

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