Devil’s Hunt trailer shines a light on the divine before the September 17th PC release!

Devil’s Hunt trailer shines a light on the divine before the September 17th release

Price for Devil’s Hunt has also been revealed with a 10% discount during launch week on Steam and GOG

Prague, Czech Republic — September 13, 2019 — Lucifer made his case, but Desmond isn’t only influenced by the demonic entities of hell. In the new Devil’s Hunt trailer released today by 1C Entertainment and Layopi Games, we get a look at angelic perspective on the war ripping Earth apart.


Devil’s Hunt will be available on September 17th for 34.99 USD / 29.99 EUR on Steam and GOG with a 10% discount for the initial launch week.


Watch the Savior trailer here:

About 1C Entertainment:

1C Entertainment is an international group with offices located in Warsaw, Gdansk, Prague, Budapest and Moscow and operating in the segments of game production, distribution and services for video game developers. The company releases video games for all platforms through its global network of partners digitally and in retail. 


1C Entertainment has successfully launched over 100 game titles including critically acclaimed series – IL-2 Sturmovik, King’s Bounty, Men of War and Space Rangers. Recent releases include such games as Ancestors Legacy and Deep Sky Derelicts. For more information about 1C Entertainment and their games, please visit the official 1C Entertainment website.


About Layopi Games:

Layopi Games is Warsaw game studio founded by Paweł Leśniak – a promising writer of the young generation. The studio focuses on creating high quality video games using various hardware platforms like PC, PS4, XBOX ONE. Our target is to deliver outstanding story-driven games with high-end graphics, sound design, and innovative gameplay solutions. Right now the studio is home to more than 40 talented artists, programmers, and designers.