Ginga Force Is Now Available on PlayStation®4 and Steam® For the First Time!

London, UK – September 24th, 2020 – Rising Star Games, the home of Japanese Games within the Thunderful Family, are ready for gamers to take flight and fight in the long-awaited dramatic vertical Shoot ’em up Ginga Force by Qute Corporation. Ginga Force arrives on September 24th on PlayStation®4 and Steam® and will be available as a digital download on the PlayStation®Store and Steam® for $/€/£19.99*.

The dramatic vertical shoot ’em up Ginga Force was first released in Japan during 2013, as a spiritual successor to ESCHATOS (2011), also developed by Qute. A spin-off, Natsuki Chronicles, released on Xbox One in 2019, will also have a western release on PlayStation®4 and Steam® with more details coming in the near future.Ginga Force follows the story of Alex and Margaret, two exceptional pilots who must battle against various deadly bosses each with their own powerful Mechas. Ginga Force features a dramatic ten stage Story Mode with three levels of difficulty to suit all fans. Take control and pilot an aircraft while using the weapon customization system combining main-, sub- and special weapons into thousands of possible combinations. Additionally, players can also enjoy the thrill and excitement of high score chasing in Score Attack Mode with Online Leaderboards.

  • Various exciting bosses over a dramatic ten stage Story Mode
  • Alternative Score Attack Mode with Online Leaderboards
  • Pilot three exciting ship types, each with unique firepower
  • Weapon customization system combining main-, sub- and special weapons into thousands of possible combinations
  • A unique lineup of enemy characters each with powerful Mechas to battle against

Founded in 2004, Rising Star Games has built a portfolio of over 130 titles across a wide variety of platforms, from cherished brands such as Harvest Moon, Beyblade and Cooking Mama to cult classics like Deadly Premonition and La Mulana. Originally established to bring Japanese games to a western audience, Rising Star Games has also published games from indie developers across the world.

As of 2019, Rising Star Games has refocused its publishing activities on Japanese games.



About Qute Corporation

Headquartered in Sagamihara, Japan, Qute is a company involved in the design, development, release and management of software products and services. For home consoles, they have developed and released shoot’em up games such as “Ginga Force” (Xbox 360), “Eschatos” (Xbox 360), and “Natsuki Chronicles” (Xbox One) in Japan.