Crossing Swords Hulu Review

Crossing Swords is a fun and colorful show that adults will enjoy! You get to see the creativity of the show runners with their funny jokes and usage of stop motion in the show. I enjoyed watching the first season of the show and just astonished on the writing for the characters.

Patrick is a guy just trying to become a squire for his local king. He practices each day to become the squire without the support of his family. His mother would like him to do something similar like his siblings, you know, a pirate, robber, or drunken clown.

He gets that a chance though to live his dream and compete to be a squire for the king. Once he gets the kingdom, he learns that its not perfectly curved at the kingdom. You will see the true actions of the queen, king, and of course the interactions of his family in the episodes.

You see how the cast of characters bring this adult themed show into light and build Patrick to be a squire that makes him be a better person. The story that happens in each episode is freaking hilarious and unique to the extent.

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