SBX 5K PC Review


By Juan M Carrillo

SBX 5K is a game developed by Shadowmatic labs, the game is described as a PVP turn based strategy sci-fi arena shooter. There is really nothing much else to say about the game. However artistically it has a simple charm. Its low polygon style makes it look like the mirror dimension from the Doctor strange movies. You are given three weapons, a normal ray gun, an explosive shooter and a particle shotgun which uses light particles as projectiles making it fit is space theme.

But unfortunately, that is all this game has going for it, from what I can tell when it was first launch, they were some people playing it but not anymore or that is what it seems like. I waited for Thirty minutes for something to happen but never got a game going. However, there is a sand box option where you can check out some of the game’s mechanics. You can build things like walls windows and various other things as well as edit the map changing the layout of it. And that’s all nothing else can be said about the game, even if I got the game going the controls were very lose easily falling of the map and the physics weren’t that very good as well; whenever I hit a platform such as jump or teleportation platform I would easily land outside the map resulting me dying and respawning and in one instance I got stuck and couldn’t escape unless I died.

Overall, the game feels like it was a student project that was used for a final since the game can only be played as a PVP game it is totally dependent of having someone to play with. The lack of a single player mode hurts the game even adding some Ai with their own difficulty setting would at least make the game playable for a bit. However, there is some potential to the game if these inconveniences get resolve. However harsh the game was not playable at all as it is. The team over Shadowmatic labs certainly have their work cut out for them and hopefully can improve overtime.

SBX 5K: 1/10 Rating.

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