Chicken Bomb out now on Steam

Chicken Bomb is a top-down action game with RPG elements inspired by
Bomberman’s gameplay mechanics.

Chicken Bomb Out Now on Steam

Top-down action game inspired by Bomberman

Areia Branca, Brazil –July 30, 2020– Independent game development
studio GoesSoft release the top-down action game Chicken Bomb on Steam

Featuring RPG elements and inspired by Bomberman’s gameplay
mechanics, in Chicken Bomb you will have to control a chicken and blast
other creatures using its exploding eggs.

Chicken Bomb contains many animals to destroy such as horses and cows.
Visuals are very cartoonish and the game includes many scenarios with
different animals in each.


* Top-down action game inspired by Bomberman’s gameplay mechanics.
* Featuring RPG elements.
* Defeat different farm animals.
* Engaging soundtrack, independent songs.
* Well-designed scenarios with a cartoonish tone.
* Develop a good strategy to overcome the difficulties that are
imposed during the phases.

Additional Information

* Steam Store here
* Studio’s Website here
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About GoesSoft
Based in Areia Branca, Brazil, GoesSoft [4] is an independent game
production studio focused on projects with a small scope. Inspired by fun
retro game mechanics with a more up-to-date approach, they work with
Unity and Blender.