ARISEN: Prologue now available on Steam

ARISEN is a narrative card game where your emotions shall guide you through the story. Each card represents an emotion. How will you feel? Explore your environment and make your relationships progress to unlock new cards and enlarge your possibilities of interactions. According to your choices, some cards might be taken away, temporarily or definitively.

Dive into Var’Nagal, a world filled with mysteries. Your nomadic tribe has been defeated. Here you are, captive, in the ship of your enemies. The Maccialatt’s army doesn’t try to hide the truth: you are going to be sold as a slave. Despite the chains around your wrists, this story is yours. You are the decision-maker. Freedom reaches out to you: you shall rise.


  • Innovative Gameplay: Make decisions by choosing between emotions instead of multiple lines of text.
  • Deep story: ARISEN is the first video game to take place in Var’Nagal. In this world, legends are numerous and ARISEN only shows a preview.
  • Multiple endings: Even if you have been enslaved, you are still an actor of your own destiny.
  • Romance: Six optional romances are waiting for you (LGBTQ+ Friendly).