Artist of the Month April 2018

This cosplayer is engulfed by fans whenever she steps foot into any convention. Her cosplay characters speak volumes of the creative inspiration she gives to fans and attendees. She has showcased her ideas with a fun and exciting stance while bringing her characters to life at each convention.

This month’s Artist of the Month for April 2018 is cosplayer Jenny Belly

Jenny Belly is a cosplayer that loves anime, cats, pickles and of course gaming. She has developed her own style of cosplays with unique characters displayed with a crafty image. Jenny is very excited to meet her fans and talk to them about cosplay, gaming and of course pickles.

Jenny travels the country at different conventions to showcase her cosplay creations to the masses. She has attended such conventions as PAX and Dream Hack! She enjoys to game on her spare time and of course interact with her fans through online conversations or responding to the thousands of mailed letters she has received. She is an amazing person with a heart of gold. She was able to help us promote at an event in Dallas and was very supportive and interacted with the fans. People like Jenny are a dime a dozen and we are proud to have her our Artist of the Month for April 2018.

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