Cefore Review


The object of the game is to collect the blue data cubes by placing the beacon in place which collects the cubes. You’re probably wondering why the game is called Cefore hence the common explosive C-4. You collect tools along the way of the game to blow up objects that obstruct your path but don’t blow yourself up during gameplay. You can use either a controller or keyboard depends on your gaming preference. Cefore is an open world physics puzzle game with many awesome & innovative ways to cause havoc and destruction within worlds while having fun.

In game as you progress tools are supplied for the required task.

The first level is easy since I had to clear a path and place the beacon the collect the data blocks as seen here. I also did notice the main chracter has a jet pack as well.

As the level progresses it gets a bit more complicated. I had to use a bomb to get to the data blocks and collect them using the beacon.

Seen here I was awarded the warp zone tool.

Now the real game begins. I laughed at the huge mistakes in game due to the fact the game requires skill and patience. As you see here be careful where you place the C-4 explosive before you detonate it, hence the game title.

All in all, the game is really fun I would suggest the game for kids to adults. I had the most fun and laughs in game as well and I know you will too. From what I understand you can unlock many cool tools, trek to other worlds, customize the main character, etc


This review was done by Joshua Ryan Crowe