As a huge fan of post-apocalyptic films watching the trailer I knew I was in for a fun one. Apocalypse Rising is an end of days story that ties in so many things in one film from space to zombies to the bible. We follow a group that is the survivors of a planet overrun by Zeds (zombies) they make it to a new world to start over and warns us of the dead rising. Only to land in a dig site by the dead sea. They find out fast that their way of life is very different from ours. They are more evolved than the people of earth and to make the earthlings understand what they are trying to help us prepare for is an uphill battle until. India (Shiah Luna) starts to believe them with Mia (Hunter Alexes Parker) leads her to find a buried skull. India takes them to have a DNA test run on them she starts to really understand they are not of this world. One of the survivors Karl (James Frey) who is not a believer of the same religion as the rest. Go’s off on his own as soon as they land has found a woman and they are on the mission to start the undead rising on earth so he can be the king of the dead.

This film is a wild ride full of blood, sex and gore and lots of it. The practical effects are top notch and add a real layer of to this film. Giving it a grindhouse flare to the film as well nothing is safe from the visions Mia has of Jesus. Taking the resurrection of Christ into play and comparing it to the undead rising.  So zombie fans as well post-apocalyptic film fans you are in for a treat with this one.