The Nun Movie Review

The latest film in the Conjuring series The Nun takes us to the  Abby of St  Carta in Romania. Where Father Burke (Demian Bichir) is sent with a young girl Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) who is on the path to be a nun but has not taken her vows. To investigate a suicide of a Nun found by a farmer in charge of taking them supplies Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet).  On a routine delivery, he finds a Nun who hung herself. Father Burke is sent to investigate the Abby as well to find out if the ground is still holy. Arriving in Romania they set out to find Frenchie to guide them to the Abby as well talking to him about finding the hanging Nun. Father Burke learns from him that the town believes there is an evil coming from that place as they spit on the ground to ward off any evil spirits. They set off to the Abby by horse-drawn carriage up to the forest edge where the horse will not enter as they make there way deeper they are cross everywhere. The cemetery is full of crosses even hanging from the trees. Frenchie shows father Burke
the body he left in the supply storage only to find the body sitting up. At the front door to the Abby, they find the blood still wet from the Nun suicide Sister Irene ask how could that be if it’s been more than two weeks since the suicide. Entering the Abby they look for anyone they can find out of nowhere they hear a voice of the Abbess telling them to return at dawn cause the nuns are in there silence and cannot speak till dawn she tells them to go and rest in an area of the Abby for the night. While having dinner father Burke asks Irene why is she being a nun she tells him of the visions she had as a child and how she saw a nun and how they all left her with the feeling Mary will lead the way. Father Burke tells her of a kid who had visions also who had an exorcism performed on him only to find out it failed. Losing his life in the process they both head to bed only to have there first run in with Valak the Nun. Starting the main plot of the film which I will not spoil any more.

I was able to see The Nun as a screening and I must say the studio went all out with the event. Having six Nuns walk in looking like the evil Nuns of the film, not Valak. They came in and kneeled in front of the screen praying just like you will see in the film to ward off Valak. I will say this was one of the best screening I have been too. The people in the theater had a mixed feeling seeing the nuns. Some were cool and others were saying “Oh hell no”. An added bonus after the film ended we were met at the door by the nun lined up hearing the people freak out in seeing them standing there was priceless.

The Nun is a great story and fill in the main story of the Conjuring and the story of Ed and especially Lorraine Warren battle with Valak. The timeline is now clear in the series and ties in perfectly with the rest of the films. the location was spot on for how creepy and eerie vibe it gave off. The cinematography was a key to this film added the layer of creepiness which is not done much in horror these days. I will admit it was not scary to me but that’s just me the audience felt difference seeing them pop up like popcorn with the scares in the film.  As a fan of the series, I liked it mostly the fact it fills the gaps and ties the story together. It could have been scarier yes the start was a little slow in character development. Picking up as we get inside the Abby. See it for yourself and enjoy the origins of Valak and the start of a war between the demon and Lorraine Warren that goes on till this day.