Wavey The Rocket, a precision platformer from UpperRoom Games is Out Now on Steam

Wavey The Rocket, a precision platformer from UpperRoom Games is
Out Today on Steam
Charity event “You Play, We Pay” in conjunction with War Child UK also live at 6pm BST for 72 hours.
May 7th, 2020 – London – UpperRoom Games today launch their debut IP as an indie studio, Wavey The Rocket, a 2.5D neon fuelled romp through over 80 levels, boss fights, mini-games and more.
In conjunction with their release, UpperRoom Games have joined forces with War Child UK on a special event named “You Play, We Pay” for 72 hours. Every hour of Wavey The Rocket live streamed will put £2 to a pot towards War Child, to a total of £5000.

“It’s been a long road for us creating Wavey The Rocket, and we truly can’t believe that today’s the day it launches to the public on Steam,” said Danny Negus, Creative Director at UpperRoom Games. “What started off as an idea from a game jam now finally has a home, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our tiny Rocket.”

Wavey The Rocket is out today on Steam, with 15% off for a week:

About UpperRoom Games
Founded by Danny Negus and Rob Fenemore; UpperRoom Games has grown out of friendship and a passion for creating unique video games that remind us of our youth. Now as a team of four with veteran experience of corporate application creation, and with an extended support network of advisers, UpperRoom Games is working on its debut title, Wavey The Rocket.