Vic’s Top Tracks of the Week EP 7

What is up everyone! Episode 7 is out now with a bang! Well should I said Revenge of the Fifth…you know its Revenge of the Sith! Star Wars fans rejoice if you catch that phrase from me! Either way, this past weekend was popping with our annual trip to Dallas, TX for Texas Frightmare Weekend. We talked to a lot of people, partied like it was 1998, and created so much content that we are still working on getting it out.

Either way, during the trip, we sat down with some cool peeps and drank some good juice while listening to some music. There are some songs that they even didn’t know about when I showed them previous episodes of the show. I know many are going to check out this episode and listen to some of the new tracks below. Which again I say, be sure to add these tracks to your playlists! Cups up and have a wonderful day!

Listen now:

Teagan Johnston – ‘Get Out Of Town’

Singer-songwriter Teagan Johnston recently released her debut album ‘Sentimental Ballad’. Honest lyrics, dark themes and haunting soundscapes run throughout the full-length offering. A stand out track is ‘Get Out Of Town’, spooky synths and wistful vocals meet in this emotive track, encompassing Teagan’s unique and authentic sound.

Ellen Arthur Blyth – ‘God Knows’

Taken from her stunning new album ‘Nine’, Ellen’s latest offering ‘God Knows’ is a silky smooth track, showing off the very best of her gorgeous vocal tones.

Pandas – ‘Mischief’

Glasgow indie-rock force Pandas have recently returned with their new EP ‘Pandamonium’. The single ‘Mischief’ from the EP represents what this band are all about, blending cheeky vocal delivery, punchy rhythms and 80s film soundtracks.

Katana – ‘Diary Entry’

Mixing the very best of R&B and bedroom pop, Canadian-based artist Katana returns with her intimate new single ‘Diary Entry’. Using words taken directly from her diary, the track is deeply personal and extremely catchy!

REUNIØN – ‘Caves’

London duo REUNIØN have shared their new single ‘Caves’. Sweet and gentle vocals seamlessly float over stunning piano melodies on this latest offering. ‘Caves’ is a simply beautiful track that relies solely on the pair’s masterful musicianship.


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