Award-Winning Post-Apocalyptic RPG ‘Vagrus’ gets first free DLC

In the spirit of constantly expanding Vagrus – The Riven Realms and enriching its vast, detailed world, Lost Pilgrims Studio is pleased to announce its first free DLC featuring a new companion character: Vorax, the wandering Undead chef. Substantively, his addition will feature an extensive loyalty quest line and numerous unique abilities, both in and outside of combat.

Having returned to the world of the living in ways seemingly unbeknownst to him, Vorax is a joyous soul whose penchant for cooking and eating are rivaled only by his love of stories. He might enjoy cringy dad jokes a bit too much, but his fascination with the culinary arts is sure to give a boon to any player willing to take him on and put his talents to use.

Vorax can fill the role of Supercargo, and his bountiful feasts grant substantial boons to entire crews – players simply need to make sure that they have the exotic ingredients he requires to prepare such meals. He is a valuable support combatant in fights, able to obstruct enemies and sow chaos among their ranks with ease.

Vorax is only available to those who already have the base game, as this DLC is the first in a series of downloadable content forthcoming for Vagrus from Lost Pilgrims Studio.

Vagrus – The Riven Realms is also part of the ongoing LudoNarraCon Steam promotion and sale, so between May 5th and 10th players will be able to purchase the game with the largest discount yet.

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