Undungeon, an action RPG with rogue-like elements, gets a gameplay trailer

Today we’re revealing gameplay of Undungeon — a love child of a small indie team, mixing the most stunning pixel art you’ve seen with fast-paced gameplay and the game world based on the Multiversal principles.

Undungeon Steam Page

About the game

  • UnDungeon is a beautiful and complex Action/RPG pixelart game with a rich background, immersive story and seven unique characters
  • As a player, you act as one of the Heralds, each of whom comes from a particular world destroyed by the Shift. The Herald moves across a procedurally-generated map which is divided into regions relating to the different worlds. He or she visits various locations communicating, fighting, and trading with other inhabitants.
  • All combat takes place in real-time. A character uses artifacts and amplifiers that can be combined, enabling the Herald to adapt to all possible threats.
  • UnDungeon is created in the isometric perspective: hand-drawn pixelart is combined with a large number of animation frames and extremely high detail.

PC release is planned for Q4 2020

Check out Undungeon at tinyBuild booth at PAX East

Twenty minutes with the game says more than a thousand words. If you plan on going to PAX East, come say hi to the orange squad in the booth #24027 and check out our special Undungeon PAX build