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Trolls World Tour Movie Review


I was able to order the movie on AMAZON PRIME from my finger tips! You can get the movie HERE and then be able to watch it from your TV. Once you order it, you will have 24 hours on your account to watch the movie. This is plenty of time to watch this multiple times with yourself or with your family.


This movie is a fun roller coaster ride full of adventure, music, and of course glitter. We are introduced to the heavy metal vixen herself Barb at the start of the movie. She interrupts a fun dance beat from the techno trolls and she uses her guitar of power to send them a message. The message she sends will be loud and clear. On the next scene, we then see our friends from the first movie Poppy and Branch come out with a fun dance party.

Poppy gets a letter that Barb is out to unite the troll world but in reality she is bringing heavy metal to the fore front of all trolls. Poppy and Branch takes a hot balloon road trip to see the other Troll lands and figure out a way to party with Barb and become best friends. The characters they meet from other music lands is a dance party of drama and new music tastes.

You need to get your popcorn, soda and of course BLT grilled sandwich to have with you while you sit on your couch and watch this movie. This movie brings a smile to everyone’s faces and takes them away from what is going on with the world. The movie is very original and showcases so much emotion and of course the fun themes with Poppy. Poppy learns a lot about her self and music in this second movie and everyone will have such a fun time watching this movie.

You can get the movie HERE


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