You are currently viewing Indie Obscura Launches Free Virtual IOX Event to Showcase Indie Games This Weekend

Indie Obscura Launches Free Virtual IOX Event to Showcase Indie Games This Weekend

Indie Obscura Launches Free Virtual IOX Event to Showcase Indie Games This Weekend
Hosted by Shacknews and Presented by HyperX, Come Support the Indies by Tuning in on Saturday

New York, New York – April 10th | In support of all the indie game devs that have had their plans upended during the pandemic, Indie Obscura is digitally hosting IOX (Indie Obscura Expo) this weekend on April 11th at 3pm EST / 12pm PST. In partnership with Shacknews, the event will be hosted on Shacknews’ Twitch channel. The event will also be promoted by Asteri as players, developers, and fans alike can tune in for free to support twenty independent studios rising to the challenge of releasing their games in this trying time. HyperX will also support the event with some promotions for up and coming live streamers.

2020 has been hard on the games industry but through tough times, innovation happens. IOX is an innovative new event making sure that games get the exposure they need in all times and seasons. This spring, IOX will launch a platform so great titles can be previewed by anyone anywhere in the world. IOX has a stunning list of developers on board for the premier event hosted by Greg Burke. Join us Saturday, April 11th at 3 pm EST to see a spectacular showcase featuring some amazing games all from the comfort of your living room couch.

Here is the list of games highlighted at IOX this weekend:

  • Revenant’s Reach – Fast paced 2.5D platformer which heralds a classic style. The game mixes brutal combat and puzzles.
  • Later Daters – Have fun and flirt with this dating sim set in a retirement community. Stories and laughs are around every date.
  • Roki – Get lost in the northern forest while discovering ancient Nordic lore. Find puzzles and a deep narrative in this artistic adventure.
  • Chivalry 2 – Hack and slash your way into history. The brutal combat sequel returns with even more warfare to enjoy.
  • Maneater – A resort vacation spot plus an apex predator on the hunt, what could go wrong? Play this open world adventure as a shark hungry for destruction!
  • Coffee Talk – Now is the best time to listen. Coffee Talk brings an atmosphere of warm drinks together with friends in this strong story driven game.
  • Aeolis Tournament – The forest is alive with air blasters! Play as cute animals on the couch in this fun battle game.
  • Mystic Pillars – Puzzle through this mystery and unlock a past kingdom in a quest to return to glory.
  • STATIONflow – Build a better city as players manage the commutes of thousands in this inspiring train station simulator.
  • Infini – A unique adventure awaits players with puzzles and endless oddities to navigate.
  • Haven – Explore a lost planet with a significant other. Find love and freedom in a new world.
  • She Dreams Elsewhere – Nightmares reflect our inner conflicts and in this surreal adventure RPG, you become a comatose woman delving into your own as you try to reawaken.
  • Foregone – Thrill to the fast and fluid action in this 2D platformer that is packed with legendary loot and stunning pixel art.
  • Garden Story – Become Concord in this social sim meets adventure RPG. Work to rebuild an island while helping your neighbors along the way.
  • Liberated – Become a character in a cyberpunk comic in a dystopian near-future. Sneak, shoot, and solve puzzles in this award-winning visionary new take on digital comics.
  • Sneaky Ninja – Mix Mario with Mark of the Ninja and you have a great 2D platformer that’s sure to capture the attention of hardcore & casual gamers.
  • Half Past Fate – Love is out there but work, life, and spicy ramen keep getting in the way during this fun romcom adventure.

Join Indie Obscura and Shack News for IOX this Saturday, April 11th at 3 pm EST live on Twitch.


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