Trivium Sparks A Metal Revolution At Dreamhack Dallas 2019

As a gamer that doesn’t like to talk much while streaming, I love putting on some heavy metal music to myself and just jam out while gaming. Many of my friends and I enjoy putting on some of Metal’s greatest musicians on speaker and just let the natural fun flow. One of my favorite bands to put on while gaming is metal sensation Trivium. They are a heavy metal band out of Orlando, Florida and have been a fixture on the concert circuit since 1999. I was able to see meet and watch them perform many years ago at the Sounds of the Underground tour when they came to San Antonio, TX.

Today, a revolution has been created and the door of opportunity has been smashed away! As press, we have gone to many gaming conventions and we have seen EDM, Hip Hop, and Nerdcore musicians take center stage. I do love those genres and have numerous of friends that are Nerdcore musicians that hit the stage at gaming conventions. But there is one detail that I must make clear, I am a rock fan. I have been a rock/metal fan since I was a child and have always associated metal to gaming as it was an outlet for myself who was very shy to talk to many people. My love for gaming and metal grew and I didn’t expect the revolution that we were bestowed at Dallas, TX to ever happen.

Dallas is becoming the Esports captial of North America and they did something that many people couldn’t believe. They had a metal night with bands to headline DreamHack Dallas! This is unheard of! This is different yet exciting! They brought out the following bands: Hydro The Hero, As Above So Below, cane hill and of course headliner Trivium.  The opening bands were awesome and had people seconding guessing on what was going on. I saw people heading to the stage to watch and be engulfed.

Trivium took the stage and had people out of their comfort zones in a matter of seconds. Many of the gamers attending was there first time not only watching Trivium but actually being at a metal concert. Trivium showcased an additional taste in music for gamers. They had us head banging, do air guitar solos and had us picking each other up during mosh pit action.

Trivium has started a revolution to bring metal into gaming. They have brought the love of a new genre of music out there for metal heads and also new metal heads as well. We are no longer alone and we can enjoy our gaming while jamming to some metal music. I saw the spark of a revolution and I can’t wait to other bands to come through the door that Trivium kicked down through for them.

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