Gaming, Music, and Esports…Oh My! Live From Dreamhack Dallas 2019

Dreamhack Dallas put on a show this past weekend! They had celebrities, metal bands, the best esports competitors, the best of the line companies for your gaming needs, and the streamers that you all love to meet! Dreamhack had a little bit for everyone that attended the event. Here is our review of what we saw at the event and the fun we encountered.

Cosplayer / Model Jenny Belly with the RA computer from CLX Gaming


We were able to have nationally renowned cosplayer and model Jenny Belly help out with interviews for us. She did an amazing interview with CLX Gaming and did an unboxing on of their models. CLX Gaming had streamers throughout the whole day rotating schedules and having fun online.


DTS member Christy interviewing Brandon from Zowie


We had our new member Christy talk to Brandon from Zowie about some of their latest products. They had some mice that I know will glide well with everyone’s finger tips! They were smooth and I felt like we could have taken on G2 on CSGO with those mice!


Jenny Belly showcases Hyper X Newest Product


Jenny Belly was able to stop by the Hyper X booth and talk to them about some of their latest items! They showed us their latest mic called Quadcast. Great for streamers wanting to get rid of that access noise and bring on some crisp clear voice chats.

Trivium at Dreamhack Dallas 2019


Trivium kicked down the door and brought metal to the forefront with gamers and gaming! We at Drop The Spotlight are huge fans of Trivium and we were ecstatic that they were performing at Dreamhack Dallas! The concert was amazing and they played some of their great tunes such as Until the World Goes Cold, Strife, Like Light to the Flies, In Waves and our personal favorite Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr.

Rocket League Series was quite interesting with Cloud 9 and TSM on day 3 of the event! The match was a very hard fought match but Cloud 9 took the win and became the Dreamhack Pro Circuit: Dallas Grand Final champion. The crowd was huge and in tuned with the game. This was just amazing!

In all, Dreamhack was welcomed to Dallas and brought an A game we haven’t seen much in today’s gaming conventions. With the attraction of Jeff Goldblum walking around the con floor to the unannounced local celebrities in the Dallas area seeing what was Dreamhack all about. Dreamhack Dallas showcased their event with an iron fist in the air while there theme song is Anthem by Trivium playing in the background. Dreamhack climbed the ladder to grab the championship belt and is on top of the mountain as a king. They are continually becoming innovators in gaming conventions and the fans are the ones benefitting from it. We had so much fun and will come back again next year! All interviews and professional photos will be posted on our Drop The Spotlight Youtube and Facebook page respectfully.