Tremors Shrieker Island Review

On this new adventure, we find Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) hiding on an island. Tremors Shrieker Island the next film in the Tremors library starring Michael Gross and Jon Heder. Burt is called back into Graboid slayer mode when a private island that book hunts breeds something they can not handle. Not knowing the hell they just unleashed good ole Burt is needed to save the day. Just it is not going to be as easy with an owner Bill who never loses or quits a hunt. Those become famous last words and his high dollar hunting party goes down one by one.

Burt with a team who is unarmed but with some old war items in an old military bunker make do with what they got. They join with the hunting party only to think Burt is a joke and blow him off to their demise. Working together they form a plan without the hunter’s Jimmy(Jon Heder) turns in Burt’s right hand in this film. The team overcomes the lack of firepower with Pennsylvania steel (machetes) and military flamethrower and good ole dynamite.

As the hunters go down one by one Bill is the last hunter standing but his greed and ego get him turned into Graboid lunch. It’s all up to Burt and Jimmy’s team to take down the evolved Graboid and shriekers before they turn into ass-blasters fans of the series know these well.  A final plan is set and they split up the team with Burt and Jimmy on Shrieker killing duty and the rest on the kill plan. The stage is set for one last battle which I will not spoil it is a must-see.

The film was one of my favorites in the series and as a fan of the series, it is a must-watch trust me you will understand why. A good fun Graboid killing time with Burt and crew is always fun. Check it out now on DVD, Blu- Ray, and Digital.