TinyShot PC Steam Game Review

TinyShot is a fun 2D game where you take your character named Tiny on a blasting rage to find the devil’s lost horn. You collect souls of the ones you kill to use to trade for upgraded weapons and health. You will also find chests that have random items like a jetpack to use, additional ammo, bombs, and more!

I was able to sit down and try this game out! I had a blast (pun intended) playing this game on my PC! I had to devise a strategy on how I was going to destroy these hordes of the undead to collect souls and upgrade my weapons. Throughout the game, you will go through waves of the undead and then meet a boss at the end that you must destroy.

Here is my review of the game:


  • Gameplay
    • The controls took time to learn to use throughout the game. The game kicks ass as you dodge the undead and blast them away with your gun. You can use a whip to pull yourself up to branches and find caches of bullets to replenish your weapon as you go through the waves of the undead. I enjoyed the bombs too as you can be in the air and let one go and kill some undead while they are flying. Pretty damn cool!
  • Fun Art
    • I digged the 2D art! The well crafted art felt so unique and treasured in each different level you were in. The art was designed in a way where people will enjoy the game while appreciating the art.
  • Story
    • I liked the story of how a boy named Tiny that was bullied by peers and decided to run away. While he ran away, he met the devil and he needed help finding his horn. In return of finding his horn, the devil would grant fame to Tiny. With that agreement, Tiny goes out blasting his way to find the horn for the devil. An original concept idea yet draws you in as you want to know more of the story and what happens with Tiny.


  • Hard to Aim
    • There were times where I had was shooting and couldn’t get a clear aim at the dark. I would have to jump around and wait until they were in a specific spot to get a shot off. I then would switch to knife and just jump around and slice them all up.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Gameplay of TinyShot


Get TinyShot on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1278760/TinyShot/