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#DRIVE Definitive Edition Switch Physical Edition Announced in Partnership with Limited Run Games

The hit Switch title roaring onto Limited Run Games with a swanky new box and more! Los Angeles – October 25, 2021 | PM Studios and developer Pixel Perfect Dude are excited to announce that the #DRIVE Nintendo Switch physical edition is speeding its way to Limited Run Games – available for pre-order tomorrow! Millions of players on Nintendo Switch have enjoyed #DRIVE […]

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eigoMANGA Will Publish The Video Game ‘Winter Ember’ As A Comic Book Series

eigoMANGA announces that the company will publish a comic book based on an upcoming video game Winter Ember as an 8-part comic book series. Winter Ember video game is an immersive stealth action game. Set in a Victorian world, Winter Ember follows the story of Arthur Artorias, a faceless man in pursuit of answers and […]

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GALAXIUM PC Steam Review

An ode to classic games at the Arcade, this first person shooter will have you shooting down those aliens that want to conquer your planet. GALAXIUM is a game on Steam with a 3D feel that will have you ooze nostalgia through your veins. I was able to play this game on my ASUS laptop […]

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One More Multiverse to Combine Tabletop RPGs with Video Game-Styled Creative Elements

Multiverse, Inc. Invites Tabletop and Digital Gamers to Create, Build, and Explore Worlds Together in a Welcoming, Inclusive, and Complete Role-Playing Experience CAMBRIDGE, MA (April 13, 2021) — Multiverse, Inc., a digital tabletop RPG and electronic entertainment developer, today unveiled One More Multiverse, their online tabletop RPG (TTRPG)/video game platform. One More Multiverse is based on the “virtual tabletop” […]

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Genshin Impact Review by Charlie Cobra Reviews

Genshin Impact Review Genshin Impact is a 2020 action RPG game developed and published by miHoYo and produced by Hugh Tsai. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Android and IOS on September 4th, 2020 and backwards compatible for Playstation 5 in November 2020. Genshin Impact is a “gacha game” featuring an open-world environment, […]

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TinyShot PC Steam Game Review

TinyShot is a fun 2D game where you take your character named Tiny on a blasting rage to find the devil’s lost horn. You collect souls of the ones you kill to use to trade for upgraded weapons and health. You will also find chests that have random items like a jetpack to use, additional […]

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Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Continues with Pokémon Presents Video Presentation and Pikachu with Sing Distribution for Video Games ​​​​​​​ In Advance of Pokémon Day Concert, Post Malone Releases “Only Wanna Be with You – Pokémon 25 Version” A Pokémon Presents video presentation will be streamed tomorrow—Friday, February 26—at 3:00 p.m. GMT on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. Fans can look forward to […]

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Registrations are now open for the Nordic Game Discovery Contest

Submissions for the Festival ended with a record of 510 games and 180 suggestions for sessions sent! Did you think we were going to forget those who have a game in development or that is not ready for the festival yet? Of course not! Registrations are now open for the Nordic Game Discovery Contest Season V, a partnership between BIG Festival and Nordic Game. […]

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Ghostrunner Review

I have been waiting for this game to finally release since the beginning of 2020. We had been able to play Ghostrunner early at Pax South and East, this game was very next level not only for myself but for the whole gaming community. Who wouldn’t want to a robotic ninja that can run on walls, who […]

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DreadStar PC Steam Game Review

DreadStar is an action filled game where your a space ship that answers a distress call. In that distress call, you are met with mines, hunters, and other ships that want you to stop from saving others. While your flying your ship, you able to shoot out your weapons to take down those mines, hunter […]