Time Now Film Review

Time Now film by Spencer King starring Eleanor Lambert as Jenny. A story of Jenny coming back to her hometown. After the death of her brother. Having to face her mother after so many years away snd dealing with her brother’s death.

Jenny leaves her home and does not look back she is running from her past. Firstborn of triplets her mother told her she had to protect her brothers. The death of one of them at a young age strained the relationship with her mother.

Back home she is on edge with her mother and family she dives into her bothers life. She starts to learn she didn’t know her to bother and the guilt starts to weigh her down. She meets his girlfriend and friend that was close to him as a brother. Jenny starts to dive into his death and uncovers the truth and sets things right as the big sister should.

Time Now is one of those films the make one look at their own life and loss. You understand and feel for Jenny and make you think about what would you do. I give this one a 7 out of 10 a great story and the cinematography. There is a bit of a slow burn in the story. Be sure to check this one out.