The Emperor’s Sword Film Review

The Emperor’s Sword an action-filled film by Zhang Yingli. Follows the story of a great sword that holds tremendous power. After the war is over the Emperor has the sword safe with him.

A power-hungry rebel goes after the sword killing the Emperor and trying to take the sword. The sword is nowhere to be found the Emperor’s daughter was given instructions to flee with the sword.

Sending her on a journey she may not be able to complete she is helped along her way. A former gentleman sword fighter comes to her aid along with a few others. Her task may come at a very high price.

An action-packed film was full of some amazing sword fights made for a fun watch. The story was good but has been done before and done in a good way. The fights are some very action-filled ones I really enjoyed an archer’s battle in a field of tall grass. A battle that was two versus one and made for an amazing fight. I give this one an 8 out of 10 for the action and beautidly shot and choreography fights. My only gripe is the subtitles but that is more of a personal one. Be sure to check this one out on Digital, Blu-ray, and Dvd on November 9th.