The Yellow Wallpaper film Review

The Yellow Wallpaper is a film by KPortuti starring Alexandra Loreth and Joe Mullins. Jane is a woman dealing with some mental issues with a doctor of a husband treating her. Jane is forced into treatment and rest for her health and the baby’s sake. She is trying to get back to writing but is not allowed not to stress herself. Jane hears noises in the room and is telling everyone there’s a smell coming from the wallpaper.

Her escapes are her walks and working the garden she dealing with fear and hysteria and other mental illness. Her husband is not seeing what is really wrong with her. He treats her as if she was sick and gives her medication for this she does not need. As she is troubled one night she takes the child and covers him in leaves and leaves him outside. She is now told she must get well or be sent to a mental hospital.

Her mental state keeps getting worse her brother is called in to see if can help her a doctor as well. She is now in a very unstable place and obsessed with the yellow wallpaper and stench coming to a tragic end. I give this one a 5 out of 10 for the cinematography and the set design was outstanding. A very slow and drawn-out story was a breaking point for me. The story was good just the pace set was slow the wardrobe for a period piece was done so well the score of the film added a layer of unease to the film. It was a sad look at a time when mental illness was not known and Jane loses her life to that factor. Give this one a watch a see it for yourself Jane’s struggle.