Schemers Film Review

Schemers is a film by Dave McLean starring  Conor Berry, Sean Connor, and Tara Lee. We follow Davie a young man who is living the life of a young man. Finds himself in some bad spots that land him in the hospital with a broken leg and meets a beautiful nurse. Davie looking to make a name for himself with a group of friends start to put on events at bars.

Davie and his crew start to make a name for themselves as promoters catching the eye of the big-time sharks they have to play by their rules. Moving on to bigger shows and really not ready for them winging it till they hit roadblocks from the big players. Things are starting to get dicey and the sharks are out for blood. They take it to the next level with an Iron Maiden show with things falling apart fast. Making deals with the big sharks and not reading the contract of the band rider.

They put on a show of a lifetime but the road to it was hell for all of them. Shaping their futures in the process the film takes a look into it all and is a must-see film. A fast talker who is motivated by a young nurse to impress her leads to a career of a lifetime. I give this one a 7 out of 10 a real look into the lives of these friends. Who all go on to live some amazing life and not without some problems of course. Be sure to watch this one and see the whole story.