The Suicide of Rachel Foster Review

The Suicide of Rachel Foster follows Nicole coming back to her family’s hotel after many years away. After her fathers death, she is forced to go back to her childhood home. Nicole is very uneasy about the homecoming stirring up some deeply repressed memories. A childhood tragedy and a broken home forced her mom to leave with her never to come back.

The suicide of Rachel haunted Nicole’s father and the hotel leading to a life long obsession that continued until his death. Having to come to get things in line to sell the hotel. Things are just as she remembers the hotel all those years ago. She forced to stay longer due too a winter storm forcing her to face and uncover the truth of this hotel and the suicide of Rachel.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster is a mystery thriller game with problem-solving thrown in. The open-world gameplay of the hotel lets you wonder threw it to find clues and discover secret paths. Every clue you find is a one-piece to uncovering the truth of what truly happened that night in the hotel.

Overall gameplay is straight forward with a few items you must find to progress in-game. The story is well written and feels like you are in a movie. One thing it is not a horror game I felt it could have used some jump scares or a ghost chasing you or something like that. The hotel is very creepy and some parts are downright scary but that’s it. The plot twisted is a good one straight out of a horror movie.  Fun game to play and will hook you into the story and did leave me wanting more of the story. A tad bit short in for me overall great game be sure to check to give it a play and find out what happened that night to Rachel.