The strangest game of 2019 is coming May 23 and gets the most bizarre game trailer ever

Pathologic 2 is a narrative-driven survival thriller about fighting the deadly plague in a secluded rural town. Unlike traditional story-rich titles taking players by the hand, the world of Pathologic is unpredictable, merciless and in the end, not at all what you expect.

To celebrate the Launch Date announcement, we made possibly the most bizarre game trailer you’ll see this year. Meanwhile here are all the news you need to know:

  • Pathologic 2 is coming on May 23 on Steam
  • The Children of Gorkhon Trailer celebrates the news by showing the more bizarre aspects of the narrative-driven survival thriller
  • Gearbox will be doing retail distribution for the upcoming Xbox One version
  • The Xbox One version is coming later in the year
  • More interesting facts about Pathologic 2:

    • The story of the deadly plague unfolds in only 12 days — not enough to save everyone
    • With a combination of survival and RPG elements, at its core Pathologic is a story-driven game full of questionable choices and grey morale topics
    • Unique approach to death: each time you die, it takes a permanent toll on your character and the town — and consequences cannot be undone even by loading previous saves
    • Even though the game is a reimagination of the original cult classic title (released in 2005) — the story holds on its own, so you don’t have to play the original to enjoy the sequel
    • The team behind the game, Ice-Pick Lodge, is known for their unique style and unorthodox approach to game design

We will be showcasing the game at PAX East 2019 this weekend in Boston, swing by to take a look.

Shortly after, we will release the PAX East demo to you for a joyful time in a plague consumed world.