The Nation’s T. Rex 1:10 Scale Skull Replica Review and Unboxing

As a fan of replicas, I have been hearing about this new replica from the company Toynk Toys. They are the premier place to find some of the best licensed replicas out there today. Today, we were able to get this T.rex skull replica and showcase this neat item. At the end of the post, we did provide a link where you can click and buy your own skull replica.

Disclosure: The link provided is a affiliate link where we may be compensated for any purchases on said product.

I was able to open the box and the front cover showcases an image of the T.Rex Skull and its based on the one from the Smithsonian. With my lisp, I know I butchered the name during the unboxing video but its ok, this skull is sick! This looks like a real dinosaur skull! I was shocked on how it feels! I had my hands over the lower jaw and just gave me a quick shiver.


The detail is just freaking amazing, the skull feels like it really is a millions of years old. The features, the color, and the curves really brings out the skull. The indention shows the skull very sullen and looks like it has been in a few fights.

The skull also included a Certificate of Authenticity so you know you got the real deal. The skull also comes with a display case where you have it in a spot where your friends and family can see in your living room if you like. I have this one in the living room so people can just come by and be shocked on seeing a Tyrannosaurus skull.

Here is our unboxing Video

Get your own Replica from Toynk Toys Here