The Man Who Shot Chris Kyle: An American Legend is a new graphic novel that takes the story to the forefront from all sides. I learned more about Chris Kyle in this graphic novel than I would have known. This man was a leader that opened up about how the veteran’s were being treated in this country. He took it upon himself to help his fellow soldier outside of the warzone to find himself again.

The graphic novel provides additional information of his killer Eddie Ray Routh and how his life ended up as well. You see the politics of the situation of Chris Kyle and how Veteran’s are treated in this country. A very good read that should open up all AMERCIAN’S eyes on their heroes.

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • In this graphic novel, you are given all the facts of the case that went down between Chris Kyle and his murderer. I learned more about Chris Kyle throughout the pages to supplement his legend. You are given a peak at what he did for Veterans and how the system was letting down our current Veterans. The writer brought a story from all sides of the situation prior to the shooting and afterwards of how the country reacted to it as well.
  • Art
    • The art was fantastic in this graphic novel! You can feel the emotion from Chris and Eddie throughout the pages. The art gave you additional clues in the novel of smaller details many don’t read about. The ignoring in the truck to the pistol held at family members, its those small details that has you seeing more than meets the eye.
  • A Look at the Killer
    • Many people watching the news didn’t know the most of the facts of Eddie Ray Routh and how this all come to be. The graphic novel shed out many facts that happened during the trial and parts of Eddie’s life that contributed to his mental illness.



Rating: 9 out of 10

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