The Long Night Film Review

The Long Night is a film by Rich Ragsdale starring Scout Taylor-Compton (Grace) and Nolan Gerard Funk (Jack). A normal big city young couple Grace is trying to find her birth parents. Following a lead to a small town not before spending time with her boyfriend’s parents. Hoping to find a lead to her parents she is set to meet and stay with someone who has a clue about her past.

Things are not what they seem from the arrival at Wade’s home with instructions to let themselves in if he was not home. Settling in Grace goes for a run on the property and Jack also finds himself in the woods. Jack comes across a totem in the woods as Grace is back at the house. She sees a hooded man with a deer skull mask after a snake is on the kitchen counter and freaks out shattering a glass stepping on a shard of glass. Jack finds her bleeding on the floor he takes her to the bed rood to help her.

A dream while Grace is sleeping and Jack is in the shower but is it a dream this sets off the true story of the film. A cult trying to bring for their demon god from a prophecy. Jack and Grace are now in a deadly game they have no idea what is about to happen to them. A ritual is going to take place and Grace is a key part of it. Her true purpose in life is about to reveal itself.

The Long Night is one very creepy film in its story and cinematography. The cult is powerful and the costumes are very well done giving them a menacing vibe and look. The lore of the cult adds to the story a layer of pure evil and fright. I give is one a solid 8 out of 10 even with a slow burn to the story it’s a good build-up. Gives the uneasy vibe like you can feel something is very off and things are not as they seem. Scout does amazing performances as Grace. Check this one out for sure and see what is Grace’s tie to the cult.