The grand launch of Tactical Monsters in the Samsung Galaxy App Store! Santa Claus has just arrived in the world of Tactical Monsters in the NEW clan Boss Mode!

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December 3, 2018 – Today, Camex Games announces the official launch of Tactical monsters in partnership with SAMSUNG on the SAMSUNG Galaxy store (phone link). Tactical Monsters continues to expand its influence in the world of Tactical RPGs and eSports!

It’s almost Christmas and in the world of Tactical Monsters, everything becomes unpredictable… A new monster has just appeared from Dr. Walter’s portal! He’s not here to give gifts but to punish all the monsters who have been naughty this year in the new clan boss mode !

Let’s welcome…

“SANTA Claus!”

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Santa burst through the portal with his huge bag of gifts, scanning the new environment around him. But where were his sled and reindeer?

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The other monsters could only stare. A sudden movement caught his eye, as a figure tried to slip away in the confusion. “Hold it right there, Rudolph!”

Check out Santa’s skills and strategic video here:

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Join the new eSport event and and win SANTA, the new monster, FOR FREE!

eSport Mode in Tactical monsters is a game mode where anything is possible, this week Santa is the star of our PvP arena! Will you be ready to face him?

JOIN the NEW Santa eSports challenge and try to win the special prize!

Be ready to battle with players from all over the world in this tactical online adventure on the Google Play storeApple App StoreMac App Store, and Steam.

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CAMEX GAMES is an indie studio with a core focus on tactical RPG gameplay. Camex Games uses its technological strength to develop and publish games across multiple platforms using a variety of technology. Camex Games’ titles have been globally featured by Google Play, Apple’s App Store, Steam, Kongregate, Facebook, and more. Camex Games was also previously featured on Google I/O as a case study.


Watch the Tactical Monsters trailer:

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